House design: Living room and kitchen part 1

As promised I have made a post about my house and its design 🏡😊.

While roaming through different quests and offers for buying furniture and house items I must admit that I adore the “House in the Forest” – Wishcourt most 😆☺️❤️

Why? Because it simply offers all those little lovely details you find in a real house as well (cups, vases, breadboards, etc.) and if you’re lucky with your Groupbuy you might even get a cute little washing machine as well 😊😊

So here are the living room and the kitchen. I decided to give all items enough space and with a lot of green plants so that the place doesn’t seem crowded.

From a “Cat Café”-Wishcourt last June I got some lovely green bookshelves with cats on it (these are my fav items 😆😆) and a cute little bathtub 🛀 (only groupbuy and if you’re lucky) which I have placed in a special corner filled with plants next to a beautiful big mirror and a chair where one could sit and relax.

What do you think? 😊😊 Next time I’ll do a tour through the other rooms and designs of the 🏡🤩

Love Rose